What's sabotaging your business software and how you can release the power to innovate

A Better System by Harold Hambrose

Steve Jobs Knew What We Wanted

Steve Jobs famously said, “It’s not the consumers’ job to tell you what they want.”  His remark startled some people, but it neatly summarized his approach to innovation. Of course it’s important to listen to consumers, because they can very clearly tell you whether or not they’re satisfied with what you have to offer, asRead More »

Wrench in the System Reveals:

  • Why so many of our essential business systems are confusing
  • The hidden costs of forcing people to adapt to clumsy electronic tools
  • The secret of matching software to the needs of the company
  • How to make low-cost changes that yield direct, measurable improvements in efficiency
  • How to leverage the power of technology for innovation

Author Harold Hambrose is the CEO and founder of Electronic Ink, a design consultancy that specializes in designing and developing business systems. His company advises many Fortune 500 companies, and its clients include industry leaders in communications, energy, finance and health care.

With compelling case histories and an engaging narrative, Hambrose exposes popular nonsense about the unique nature of software systems and shows how to evaluate them and measure their performance just as we do every other product.

This important book tells decision-makers what they need to know to unlock the full potential of one of their biggest business investments.